27 May 2009

Another Tips to Manage Tax

One of our duty as a citizen is paying TAX. It is a litle boring to always manage tax, but to be a good citizen, it most be doing. When I surf through google, I found many method to file for file extension TAX. It can be manual or using software. In this world of electronic and technology, there is software for help us or guide us through tax return. One of The software is called turbotax, from intuit, inc. Turbotax is TAX preparation software or online services that can automatically file extension TAX electronically by following the direction step by step. I haven't used it yet, but i think it may useful. Do you know .tax file extension? I think the extension .tax is the file extension TAX created by turbotax. Am i right? Or, you can do manually. If you want to do it manually, you can follow this link (i found by search on google). This entry can guide you through tax return manually. other reference: wikipedia picture taken from http://www.granitegrok.com/pix/TaxMonster.JPG

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